Deploying your Rich Media bot on Social Messaging channels

If you are building a bot you’d like to deploy on a social messaging channel using Rich Media AIML, you will need to be aware of some of the limitations on those channels compared to what the Pandorabots Chat Widget supports:


All social messaging channels require that you have accompanying text before your buttons, and only supports a maximum of 3 buttons. Here is an example AIML of an accompany text (bolded) with max number of buttons:

What cheese is your favorite?
<button><text>Cheddar</text><postback>I LIKE CHEDDAR CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>Swiss</text><postback>I LIKE SWISS CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>Something else</text><postback>GO TO NEXT THING</postback></button>

PB Chat Widget can render the buttons without accompanying text and can support more than 3 buttons. For example, here is a valid bot response in AIML on the chat widget that would not work on other social messaging channels like Messenger, etc.:

<button><text>I like Brie</text><postback>I LIKE BRIE CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>I like Cheddar</text><postback>I LIKE CHEDDAR CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>I like Gouda</text><postback>I LIKE GOUDA CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>I like Swiss</text><postback>I LIKE SWISS CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>Other</text><postback>GO TO NEXT THING</postback></button>
<button><text>I don't like cheese</text><postback>GO TO NEXT THING</postback></button>

Twilio, Viber, and WeChat do not render tappable buttons but displays the action types as text, so postbacks do not work if you are using a different value than the text.


Same limitations as Buttons, except social messaging channels support a maximum of 11 replies, and PB chat widget can support more than 11 replies.

Unlike Buttons, Viber does support tappable suggested replies.


Social messaging channels support a maximum of 10 cards in a carousel except Viber which has a 6 item limit. PB Chat Widget can support more than 10 cards in a carousel Telegram does not support a horizontal carousel with swipeable cards Twilio, WeChat supports only vertical display text of the carousel titles and does not support tappable buttons.


All social messaging channels do not support embeddable videos, but will display video URL as a downloadable link PB chat widget supports embeddable videos


Some, but not all, social messaging channels provide a visual indicator of a delay, such as “typing…”

PB chat widget displays a visual indicator (animated dots) during the time delay