Deploying your Rich Media bot on Social Messaging channels

If you are building a bot you’d like to deploy on a social messaging channel using Rich Media AIML, you will need to be aware of some of the limitations on those channels compared to what the Pandorabots Chat Widget supports:


All social messaging channels require that you have accompanying text before your buttons, and only supports a maximum of 3 buttons. Here is an example AIML of an accompany text (bolded) with max number of buttons:

What cheese is your favorite?
<button><text>Cheddar</text><postback>I LIKE CHEDDAR CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>Swiss</text><postback>I LIKE SWISS CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>Something else</text><postback>GO TO NEXT THING</postback></button>

PB Chat Widget can render the buttons without accompanying text and can support more than 3 buttons. For example, here is a valid bot response in AIML on the chat widget that would not work on other social messaging channels like Messenger, etc.:

<button><text>I like Brie</text><postback>I LIKE BRIE CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>I like Cheddar</text><postback>I LIKE CHEDDAR CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>I like Gouda</text><postback>I LIKE GOUDA CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>I like Swiss</text><postback>I LIKE SWISS CHEESE</postback></button>
<button><text>Other</text><postback>GO TO NEXT THING</postback></button>
<button><text>I don't like cheese</text><postback>GO TO NEXT THING</postback></button>

Twilio, Viber, and WeChat do not render tappable buttons but displays the action types as text, so postbacks do not work if you are using a different value than the text.