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Pandorabots Support

If you have a question about Pandorabots that's not addressed in either the help documentation or the FAQ, please take a look at the various support options below.

Thanks for your interest in Pandorabots,
Doubly Aimless.

Community Support

There is a lively and growing community of botmasters using Pandorabots. If you have a question or want to open up a general discussion you can post to the pandorabots-general mailing list by sending mail to:

All messages posted to the mailing list are saved, so you might want to visit the archives before posting to see if your question has been asked before. Currently the archives are not searchable but we plan to eventully add such a facility.

If you post to the list, please take into consideration that there are approximately 1,500 members (at the time of writing) on this list — so please try to stay on topic, remain civil and avoid flame wars!

For more general AIML questions not related directly to the Pandorabots service you should visit the A.L.I.C.E. Mailing Lists.

For those users who are more comfortable using a forum, you might also want to visit Pandora's Box Forum. Thanks to Don Holeman at Lexicalgas for setting this up.

E-mail and Telephone Support

As we are a free site for Chatbot hosting, we are currently unable to directly receive support phone calls. You may, however send us e-mail at:

The Alice Foundation, however, does offer to receive and support phone calls. Pandorabots, while separate from the Alice Foundation, makes extensive use of open-source technology developed by the non-profit Alice Foundation.

Members of the Alice Foundation have kindly offered limited phone and e-mail support. Limited phone and e-mail support is offered on free basis — and depending on the scope of your questions the Foundation may ask for your support by encouraging you to join the Foundation as a member.

Foundation phone support:
Ask for "Dr. Wallace" at +1 (215) 288 9348 (between the hours of 9 am and 5pm - Eastern Time - USA)
Foundation e-mail:

Independent Affiliated Experts

The list below gives contact information for independent AIML/Pandorabots experts who may be able to help answer your questions. If you would like to contribute to the Pandorabots community by having your name added to the list please send your contact info to
  • Anne Kootstra
    Founding Member
    Location: Netherlands.

    MSN Messenger:
    Voice over IP: Skype (on/at request)

Commercial Inquiries

Please send e-mail to Evan Lessmore at: or call +1 (510) 452 2000 ext. 154 between the hours of 9am and 4pm Pacific Time - USA