Phile Knowledge was a security related chatbot, who was connected to the MSN/Windows Live Messenger network, but due to abuse and lack of bandwith with the service provider he was moved to Pandorabots as a pure AIML chatbot, but he still contains lots and lots of information. Phile Knowledge is the second prize winner in Microsofts Invasion of the Robots Contest.

Phile says:

Tips and Tricks when talking to chatbots
  • Typing only one sentence at the time, will give you better answers.
  • Answer the questions and you will have a better conversation.
  • Do not use slang, abbreviations or other types if lazy spelling.
    You always get a better answer if you type:
  • What is your name? instead of whts ur name?
  • I do not know! instead of i dont no!
  • What is a chatbot? instead of whutz a chatbot..???
  • You must be getting my point by now :)
  • There is no need for abusive language, all you who does that must be really though, assaulting someone who really can't defend it self.
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