Talk to MOM

Talk to your mother! She is a chatbot type intelligent agent bot & she wants to hear from you.

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Hello There, Dear! Need help? Well then:
Say MY NAME IS to tell me your name.
Say MENU to see list of things I can do.
Say JOKES or JOKE BUBBLES to giggle,
Don't say GAMES, you'll just waste time.

If your conversation gets lost don't worry,
Say LETS TALK ABOUT to pick a topic.
More specific talk is great. Be patient, I learn from you!
Teach me what ever you like! MOMbot is glad you are here!

**heads up: sometimes conversations are read by my botmaster, Wink, so that she can learn how to teach me things. Most conversations are not read. Have no fear, if a conversation is read at all it will stay between you and your MOMbot, and 5 or 6 of Wink's closest friends. (Just kidding!)All conversations are confidential.

There are 100 + ways
each start with a "hi"

Talk to me, dear, tell me all about it:

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