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1. Spell words correctly and use good grammar.
2. Enter only one complete sentence at a time.

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The story of Christmas

If you come here to ask Santa for a puppy, please ask your parents to consider making it a good Christmas( or another occasion) for an animal from here

If you can't have a real pet for some reason get an online pet. A good one can be found at " Bunny Hero Labs" or if you google "virtual pets"
current weather conditions at the north pole

History of St. Nicholas

See what Santa's deer are doing right nowReindeer cam

Christmas Radio
Feel free to play the radio as you chat with Santa

If you have Enjoyed talking with Santa, perhaps you'd like to talk toOne of his elves also

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*Disclaimer: Santa is known and loved through out the world, but sometimes, he is a little forgetful.Don't forget to let your parents/guardians know what you would like for Christmas, so they can let Santa know. If you would like to help script Santa,or just want to say"Hi" to Santa please send an email to, and she will pass the message to Santa

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Welcome,Merry Christmas!
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