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A few hints:

If this is the first time you chat with me, you may find the following advice useful:

- Please enter what you want to say to me in the box above, and then press 'Enter' on your keyboard

- Please use simple sentences. Since it appears adequate to assume that a vast multitude of mortals may require my attention simultaneously, I may, perchance, find it somewhat challenging to properly engage in conversation with ladies attempting to express themselves in a manner resembling this sentence. You may certainly try, my lady, but it will probably result in my telling you nothing but gibberish.

- Although I do have knowledge in a wide number of areas, please notice that my pre-eminent interest and purpose is conversation. I am not an answering machine ;-)

- If the above hints aren't useful, just disregard them and try anyway! This is for fun :-)

For more info on chatterbots or if you would like to have a go at making your own: Pandorabots

Thanks to whoever created a bot Haldir a couple of years ago. I never would have got the idea for a Thaladir one if I hadn't gone looking for Haldir bot and found him gone!

Want to get in touch with us? Please send an e-mail to: thaladir@yahoo.com

Published: December 18, 2006

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"Long live Thranduil, great Elf-king of Greenwood!"